• New functionality (Companies, Registers, NotaryForms, etc) in mobile apps
  • Credit cards payment processing system
  • Partners integration improvements
  • Tokenization of digital creations (NFT mint) feature
  • Developers section with API for service integration with third-party software
  • UbixPay integration
  • Telegram bot (notifications, files upload functions) development.
  • New functionalities (Companies, Registers, NotaryForms, etc) in web app:this functional provides the ability for businesses and teams to create Company, with data Registers for the accumulation of any format data (NotaryForms), notarize this data, and manage these Registers using their personal company profile section. In some cases, it is possible to create a database open registry that can be used on any separate web page, access to which is provided without Silent Notary’s profile. So your colleagues with you are able to create a Company, one or several Registers within this Company, manage user roles within every Register created,and notarize selected data flow in a more convenient way
  • Support chat implementation:a separate support service for users of the entire ecosystem, visible to the user in the form of a widget. The main advantage is the ability for the administrator, upon receiving a support request via chat, to contact the developer or person responsible for the project directly and track the completion of the request, bypassing the use of third-party applications
  • New functionalities (Companies, Registers, NotaryForms, etc) in web app
  • Notarization by email:this feature provides the user with the ability to send any type of data attached to email letter to a special Silent Notary notarization email address. As a result, the service notarizes received file and sends the notarization certificate back to the user