Silent Notary is the world's first web 3.0 legal-tech solution designed to ensure the existence, integrity and attribution of almost any kind of data. With its help, it is possible to upload and notarize events without relying on third parties.
Events refer to a document, an image, an audio/video file, an email, and/or instant messaging.
Silent Notary receives a user-submitted file, identifies it, stores it on the blockchain and generates a special notarization certificate.
Just head to Check Notarized File on the website's main page or in the app and insert the hash of your document.
A hash is a unique string of characters that is given to every entry, in our case, document, that is verified and added to the Ubix blockchain. It looks like this: 75602b1636a76fhj6dg548.... - 64 characters in total.
The service has a wide range of cases of use, and, therefore, the auditory that it covers. It is up for use by individuals, corporate customers and government structures. For each use case, there are custom tools capable of performing specific operations with the help of smart contracts.
You will be offered to store up to three events for one year at no cost after registration. We aim to familiarize you with Silent Notary before spending any money. We are 100% convinced you will be satisfied with how Silent Notary works and will find it useful for various life situations.
Register(s) - a form constructor with Silent Notary notarization integrated. It is designed to simplify a user's interaction with Silent Notary. With the help of this feature, users can set the parameters of the documents that are to be notarized (diplomas, certificates, licenses and others). They are of two types: open and closed. Open - this type makes it possible to view the registry for anyone who has a link. By contrast, in order to interact with it, the user needs to be registered in Silent Notary or be invited by the register's Creator. Closed register - this type is only for users registered in Silent Notary and those invited by the register's Creator. Flexible configuration coupled with simple settings will help you quickly understand the work of the constructor.
UBSN is the native token of Silent Notary. It is supported by a large community of token holders. Besides being an excellent investment opportunity, it can also be used as a payment method for Silent Notary services.
By virtue of being the pioneer in providing a Web 3.0 notary service, Silent Notary is the standard setter that triggered the shift towards innovative solutions in this particular field where a lot of sensitive data needs to be protected.
Silent Notary can be used on both PCs (from all popular browsers) as well as apps available for IOS and Android. You can download them on Google Play and App Store.
You need to head into the app or PC, pick the file that you wish to notarize, adjust a few details, and store it on the blockchain. All you need is your phone or PC and internet connection.
Silent Notary is capable of notarizing practically any kind of evidence, even audio and video content.
In most cases Yes. However, it depends on each particular jurisdiction and respective regulations.
Silent Notary is 100% secure due to the fact that all of your evidence is stored on an immutable and tamper-proof blockchain.
There are several tariffs for both individual and corporate customers. They can be purchased with fiat currencies and Ubix network tokens (UBX, UBSN). For the payment with tokens, you can purchase them on numerous exchanges: KuCoin, CoinTiger, Bitrue, Mexc and others. Follow this link to choose the tariff that suits you best.
Silent Notary is in full compliance with GDPR. All changes to regulations are constantly monitored and subsequently implemented, which is reflected in our Privacy Policy. Silent Notary only keeps the data required to comply with GDPR and is necessary to function as a decentralized notary service. Please see Privacy Policy for more information.
Distributed teams comprising Silent Notary (developers, analysts, designers, and others) are constantly working to improve customer satisfaction. With the forthcoming releases, we will introduce several unique features that will make it ever easier to upload and keep your data safe.