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SilentNotary is a multiplatform decentralized service for confirmation of event existence. SilentNotary converts an event into legally significant evidence, excluding the possibility of falsification.
Decentralized Notary System
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Security announcement.
Due to the incident at the Kucoin exchange, acting in the interests of our community, the SilentNotary project has joined the "Safeguard Program" alliance of the Kucoin exchange.
As part of this alliance, the SNTR token will be swapped to ensure the safety of our users.
At the moment, negotiations are underway to combine this process with the migration to our
UBIX.Network platform.
Follow the news on our official twitter @SilentNotary.

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* All user data is securly stored, protected, and will not be disclosed to third parties.
Blockchain technology will change the world. But not as you'd imagine.
The cryptocurrency fever that has gripped the world seems to be mostly concerned with creating a fair and open decentralized financial systems. However, there is an often overlooked actor that can dramatically change our world much more quickly, without confrontation with governmental agencies who want to protect their national currency systems.
It's about the legal system.
This is something that we usually do not notice, the "ether" that is imbued with our society and fundamental foundation of being. Over the past 2 thousand years in the sphere of law, there have been no significant technological innovation. Until now.
Confidence in facts.
Any real application of law begins with an event or action. Right off the bat, we are faced with the problem of proof that this event really happened. We are forced to leave traces in the real world, evidence for the future. We leave signatures, take photos, record audio and videos. In especially important moments, we are forced to involve a trusted intermediary - a government official, a notary or just a witness. Blockchain solves the problem of trust. Now we can safely entrust our facts to a distributed ledger – an immutable and tamperproof ledger that is faster, cheaper to use, and cryptographically secure. But how can an ordinary person use these opportunities in real life? How leverage the blockchain for this? How can you protect your rights in the event of a litigation?
So what can the blockchain give us?
Blockchain is designed to build a system of relationships that you can trust – without having to establish trust in the first place - enabling us to build on elements that do not have trust. This, precisely, is the same goal pursued by legal systems - to regulate relations in a society consisting of elements inherently unreliable - from people.
SilentNotary is the Answer.
SilentNotary uses almost all possible interfaces to integrate notarization services on the blockchain for all users. What could be easier than sending a picture to your virtual notary through your favorite messenger? Or specify the address of the blockchain-notary in the e-mail recipient list? For more complex operations, mobile applications for iOS and Android are available. All interfaces are integrated into a single account where your evidence is stored. In addition we are developing a wide range of legal solutions and creating a worldwide ecosystem of lawyers and experts ready to help our clients in the case of litigation.
We develop a wide range of user interfaces for maximum coverage of all possible use cases. Below are descriptions and examples of using some of them:
Phone call notarization: for sales, customer service, verbal agreements.
Telephone conversations can be vital in the business world. We are able to record conversations to ensure their integrity. But we can't ensure the time of the conversation and that the recording has not been modified. Blockchain notarization of voice recordings allows us to fix these problems. Simply launch the SilentNotary mobile app, record your call and upload the file for notarization.
Instant video notarization: for construction, delivery, in case of accidents
We are all afraid of accidents. Yet, they cannot be completely avoided. That's why we insure against material losses. It is necessary to describe, in detail, the state of the insurance object. In case of an insured event, all the details of the events that occurred are important. The consequences of the smallest omission - intended or not - can be catastrophic. With SilentNotary, you no longer need to trust the facts, because the fact is now trustless.
New Web Site Copyright Standard.
Creating a quality product is expensive. But anything published can be easily copied and when you need a real protection, it often turns out that you don't have any evidence. Now the results of your work are under reliable protection on an immutable technology, the blockchain. Just certify your content using your SilentNotary Account!
Just a few years ago, a solution was found for building a Trust Machine and blockchain became a fact. The first thing people began to write down using blockchain were financial transaction records, which everyone would trust, and thus Bitcoin was born.

We live in a world full of distrust. And in case of misfortune, we must prove that certain facts were in fact true.
We use blockchain technology for its intended purpose, to retain trust. Data about the events that occurred are recorded. There is no longer a need to prove anything, as blockchain solves the distrust problem.

Suddenly, we have a way to make the world better and our lives safer, with a global system of confirmation of events' existence!
Distributed ledger
We use a distributed ledger as a service to store our evidences immutable and timestamped. Distributed ledger technology is developing rapidly and we have a choice of platforms now with different features. Some of them more stable but more expensive, others are young but very fast and cheap. Some of them will lose their positions but new stars will arise. We are open for different platforms and provide our customers with a choice.
Our customers can choose more suitable platform for their specific cases.

The use of various platforms provides long-term stability and independence from a specific technical solution. But in order to avoid excessive dispersion of resources, as the main platform we will soon use our in-house platform, which is most suitable for legal services, such as SilentNotary. !

Blockchain is a sophisticated technology. Bridges are needed between the user and the technology. These bridges are user interfaces, which allow users to transfer data to the system about events recorded in any form – photos, videos, chats, audio recordings or documents.

Now, we have developed all the main interfaces possible.
Just choose the most convenient interface:

Mobile apps for iOS and Android
Messengers and chat bots for the most popular instant messengers: Telegram, Facebook, and WeChat
A web-based interface for uploading files
A mail bot to send data by e-mail
Legal solutions
In addition to programing, we developed ways to use our system to resolve disputes. A worldwide ecosystem of notaries, lawyers and experts will be created to provide our clients with a full range of legal services.

We do not expect special admission from the legislators. To use our services, we do not need the development of special laws. We use the standard way for the technical system - the development and use of technical and legal expertise for use in courts of different jurisdictions.

We are already ready to provide commercial services. When we move to our own platform, our capabilities will grow many times due to the built-in user authentication system and the built-in multi-signatures.
Time to talk business
We adapted our systems for both the B2B and B2C markets. Not only Fortune 500 companies need to protect their interests but consumers do as well. Therefore, we pay great attention to simplifying our user interfaces, and making them accessible to all.
Business to Business strategy
We will be targeting hundreds of thousands potential customers throughout the world in the following main verticals:
Music artists
Online media
Product designers
Businesses will be targeted throughout our extensive network of resellers.
Using a reseller strategy comes with great advantages
and a direct increase in our visibility and hence our sales.

Resellers will be offered a white-label notary toolset
and white-label promotion tools for re-branding.

Up to 30% of the sale will be granted to
the reseller making us a relevant revenue partner.
Everyone needs to record the existence of events.
Business to Consumer strategy
billion people own a smartphone.
Consumers will be reached throughout advertising on Facebook, Youtube, and other local media sources.

Offering free credits will lower the threshold and ease of adoption of SilentNotary.
Business model
Our business model is built on three main pillars
The B2B model for resellers is based on a license fee per year and an additional lower payment per certification;
The B2C model based on a higher pay per certification;
And an upsell of services based on the worldwide ecosystem of notaries and lawyers.

- 2 years strong experience in backend Node.js
- ES6, SOA, TDD, Git, JSDoc, TCP/IP, encryption/hashing.
- Written English (enough for commenting code)
Node JS developer

- 3 years strong experience in backend Node.js
- ES6, SOA, TDD, Git, JSDoc, TCP/IP, encryption/hashing.
- Written English (enough for commenting code)
An additional advantage will be:
- * nix OS - multithreading + mutex
- Ability to read code on any of C ++, Go, Python - LevelDB / BerkleyDB - acquaintance with CryptoCurrency (utxo, consensus) - expierience in Scrum teams
Core developer
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.