Silent Notary

Web 3 notary service
for creating legal evidence.

Imagine that you have access to a notary service that's always with you. A legal companion in your pocket with a testimony that everyone trusts. The days of a person in power needed to notarize legal evidence are now gone. Silent Notary has replaced this outdated process with an algorithm on your own smartphone.

Suitable for all occasions and various business areas. Available instantly and everywhere at an unbeatable price!

For Individuals
With Silent Notary’s app installed, you have a reliable witness at your fingertips to protect you and your family.This also includes your evidence being admissible in court! Just run the app,upload your documents, and you are good to go!
Free installation
Download the app and register to get 3 free notarizations!
For Business
Be one step ahead of the competition by implementing Web 3 technologies into your business today.Increase the efficiency of your company ,and drastically reduce the risks.Find out how we can also help future partners by joining our $10 million dollar grant program!!
Use cases
For business
For Individuals
Industrial Solutions
For Governments
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Once created, Web 3 evidence is publicly
verifiable, immutable, and objective.

The development of technology has led to a revolutionary solution to the problem of recording legal events without the involvement of any trusted person. This allows us to create a service that is independent of any certifying organizations, data repositories,
and even from the company itself that provides this service.
The use of basic widely accepted standards allows the use of this technology throughout the world, without the need for special legislative regulation.
Immutable Proofs
Publicly verifiable evidence
Independence from service providers
Without the involvement of trusted persons
24/7 in any jurisdiction
Low costs
Here at Silent Notary, we believe everyone should have the opportunity of recording legal events via their smartphone, offering 100% protection to a user on the spot or as they move around!

Use Cases

SIlent Notary’s use case range is extensive. Here are just some areas where our service can be used.
For individuals
rights violation, accidents, defective goods, improperly rendered services, accepting terms & conditions
improving business processes, decision-making, easier interaction with clients, enhanced data streams from sensors, description of insured events
Public administration
conducting inspections, resolving violations of the law, fixing the approval of documentation, maintenance of registers, receiving applications.
Rights violation
Defective goods
Accepting terms and conditions
Execution of work
Insured events
Conducting inspections

For Business

Many processes are simplified, and this provides a better customer experience. This leads to a significant transformation of products, which gives competitive advantages to the business, and can even open up new market opportunities. Undoubtedly, we will see the fastest effect from the use of web 3 notarization technologies in those businesses that implement these new technologies early.
Fixing the state of the goods during transfer
Confirmation of the fact of work completion
Documentation of negotiations
Confirmation of orders
Documentation of customer service
Description of the property before renting out or selling
Description of damage or defects
Fixing the completeness of the order
Keeping a log of production processes.
Fixing the fact of receiving a signal from sensors (f.e., a fire alarm)
Checking the integrity of documents
Documentation changes control

For Individuals

Unpleasant events happen in everyone's life, and often, the consequences could have been avoided if there had been proper evidence available. Around 7 billion of the world's population now own a smartphone, meaning a lot of issues can be logged via the help of a camera. Most people think when they take a picture or video of an event, it can be used as evidence in court. This isn't always the case. File metadata is quite easily changed, meaning your data could be challenged in court. This has always been the case until now. Silent Notary can do the hard work for you by making your evidence accepted in any court case you are involved in. Use our app as an additional protection layer of your rights. Think of it as an independent witness who is always with you in your pocket. You will have protection against falsification and any wrongdoing by having a notarized reliable witness on your phone. The presence of this reliable evidence in the majority of legal events usually means court visits are dramatically reduced!
For all occasions, as an additional protection of your rights
Accidents, violation of your rights, defective goods, inadequate services
Very easy to use, just like your smartphone's video camera
A certificate of digital notarization is issued for each case
Each certificate is easy to verify and use to protect your rights
Free installation and several notarizations as a gift - enough to get you started

Industrial localizations

Powers of attorney
Issue and manage powers of attorney online
Issue diplomas and certificates with records maintained in a decentralized registry
Recording the fact of presence
An effective mechanism to counter fraudulent chargebacks
Notarial forms
Notarize applications and orders. Control intermediaries, give "proof of application" for your clients
Notarization of document versions
Scan the QR code and check the validity of the documents used in a second
Communication logging
Just add a notary bot to your work group!
Grant Program
To support the development of web 3 notarization technologies, we have established a special grant program.
The goal of the program is the introduction of industry-specific web 3 solutions. Together with our partners, we will develop solutions for the entire industry by developing and implementing industrial localizations of our service directly to you.

For Governments

Web 3 technologies can significantly increase the efficiency of government structures. The very nature of Web 3 technologies - publicity, verification, trust - are complementary to public administration structures. Here is a small selection of areas that our solution can be applied to:
Maintaining registers
Carrying out inspections
Fixing violations of the law
Recording of document approvals
Fixing citizens' appeals
Communication logging
Here, at Silent Notary, we use the integrated private UBIX blockchain to process notarization transactions.
All entries and transactions will be held on state servers. We use standard widely used cryptographic protocols, and there is no need to develop special legislative regulations to use the technology.


Let's break down our tech a little.

In days gone by, there was a practice of using a fresh daily newspaper to prove that a specific event occurred no later than the day specified. The newspaper's date was technically your time stamp. We use that same sort of idea, but instead of a newspaper being used, we use many independent network nodes that double-check the published information. This allows us to guarantee the immutability of records and trust the timestamp that is synchronized with all nodes of the network.

For the convenience of users, a single account is also used with many different interfaces for various cases and special industrial localizations. All notarization records are processed in the UBIX.Network DAG-based integrated distributed registries, while users can create their own registries and use them to process and store their transactions.

Proprietary protocol for transaction processing
Single account with many different interfaces
Notarization of data in various formats
Safe mode for sensitive information, without transferring data to our service
Service provider-independent storage of user data
High transaction processing speed with low costs


The following are our partners with whom we will develop disruptive technologies for various industries:
Acceleration Group
Where Blockchain Technology Meets the Construction Industry
SilentNotary and Acceleration Group - a leader in BIM technologies and manager of complex construction projects - announced a partnership in January of 2021. The Acceleration Group managed the construction of 52 covid-19 hospital buildings with a total area of 60,000 m2 in just 45 days.
Notary Solutions for the “Metaverse of Language Services”
Silent Notary and Langia - an advanced certified translation and interpretation platform powered by ai word count for instant quoting and seamless project assignment system - announced a partnership in January 2022. Langia works with over 12,000 certified and professional translators and interpreters fluent in 176 languages.
AI-verified online reviews & content ownership via smart contracts
Tested web is a Web3 online reviews and intelligence marketplace eliminating fake and malicious reviews via behavior and ai analysis. The platform provides users content ownership via its web 3 structure, where users own their content, moderate via smart contracts and they also earn reward points for every activity on the marketplace. Silent Notary is placed on top of the existing TestedWeb set up to add another layer of validation for the source of every action taken.

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