Common way to share information. Send facts to the chatbot and get evidence.


Add your conversation partners to a chat with SilentNotary. The conversation record will be saved and certified.


Add SilentNotary to the recipient list. Certify correspondence using it.

Voice recorder.

Record a verbal agreement right in the chatbot. Save irrefutable evidence of your agreements.


It's simple to certify: send via e-mail, share with the chatbot and upload onto the website.


Make a video call to your SilentNotary. It will record and certify everything, that you show.


The ecosystem of products. New opportunities of your apps.

Card catalogue.

The evidence is stored in a card catalogue. Share access with anyone you like.

Examples of its use

Agreements in a chat

The chatbot can organize any number of multichats with many participants. Negotiation protocol will be recorded and certified.

Website copyright

Certify the website content and the publication of content. Get real evidence to fight against plagiary.

Verbal agreements.

Launch the chatbot and turn on the audio message. Everything said will be recorded, certified and used in your favor.


Record all relevant circumstances. Launch the chatbot and send all images and video files from the site of the accident.

Offer and licesing agreements.

Record text, terms, date, address and all publication settings.

Substandard goods.

Substandard goods. Record the time and fact of detection of a deficiency. Send images, video files and relevant comments for certification.

Work carried out.

Record the result by means of photo or video. Fact of accomplishment, failure to deliver on time or rejected items will become evidence to settle a dispute.

...and a huge number of other

For all cases, where rights and obligations arise!


Secure storage for evidence in blockchain. Evidence is saved on thousands of computers with constant continuous confirmation of authenticity in a blockchain distributed ledger.

Decentralized application featuring Smart Contract is executed on a decentralized Ethereum virtual machine and manages recording and access.

In general communication with the user is performed through messengers with the help of a chatbot. This is a common and user-friendly way to upload documents, images and video files. The chatbot also gives a new opportunity to communicate with several users in real time.



Legislative structure.

Creation of the ecosystem's legal framework; registration of a central nonprofit organization SilentNotary foundation in order to introduce the service into practice of law within the main jurisdictions, to support organizations, using SilentNotary in their business, and to promote the use of the service.


Development of the service.

Development of the main SilentNotary Smart Contract (a prototype is ready and available for testing). Addition of an evolution mechanism, and conduct of technical audit.


Putting into commercial service.

Final testing of the service, development and launch of marketing campaign, launch of commercial projects (companies – service providers).


14 days

TSO duration



Total SNTR tokens


ICO start rate 100M = 1ETH

Smart contract rate

100m = 20 ETH

Scheme of token withdrawal.

SNTR tokens are not securities, shares or cash equivalent. They are a software and cryptographic code, which is used by the main Smart Contract to perform the task. If there are no SNTR tokens, the required number of tokens may be compulsorily exchanged at a fixed rate 100 M SNTR=20 ETH. Exchange is performed by Smart Contract automatically on a pro rata basis between all token holders.

Flexible pricing.

According to common practice, earlier participants of a Token sale get an advantage over subsequent participants. We have made this principle absolute and created a mechanism to define token market value. Initial exchange rate is fixed at 0.01 ETH for 100M SNTR. The price of a token rises with every deal, unless it reaches the level, at which token purchase deals stop. We believe the market has set a reasonable estimate of SilentNotary tokens. The remaining unsold tokens will be transfered to the team in order to serve the long-term interest in project development and accomplishment of necessary application tests.


According to the best practices of organization of the public sale of tokens, we use Escrow to secure intended expenditure of attracted funds. If the checklist conditions have not been fulfilled within the time specified, uncommitted funds are automatically returned to token holders.


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