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SilentNotary is a multiplatform decentralized service for confirmation of event existence. SilentNotary converts an event into legally significant evidence, excluding the possibility of falsification.
Decentralized Notary System
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10 JULY 2018
Byzantine buzz on chain.
Decentralized networks are considered to be a reliable medium for managing trust-sensitive
information. But how do we know that this bizarre encrypted blockchain is more trustworthy
then a centralized server?

Because obviously centralized servers are faster and cheaper to operate.
To cut a long story short, we pay for the whole blockchain network to reach a consensus
about the legitimacy of our transactions. A centralized server is running software which
decides whether the transaction is legit or not.

However, on top of this there is always an administrator whom can intervene. He or she can
alter the transactions outcome.

These administrators are human beings and as we all know, human beings arent always the
most secure elements of a system, since they aren black or white.
Every single node of the network is operated by a human administrator, but the whole of the
blockchain doesnt have anybody watching over it.
SilentNotary platform.
10 JULY 2018
The world is changing. The rate of change accelerates as history progresses. For thousands of years the only way to craft anything was tedious manual labor...
Middlemen market
10 JULY 2018
Here is a nice TED video that explains what is the overall impact of blockchain technology on the global society. The recap of the video is "Less trust to institutions and more trust to strangers."
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Blockchain technology will change the world. But not as you'd imagine.
The cryptocurrency fever that has gripped the world seems to be mostly concerned with creating a fair and open decentralized financial systems. However, there is an often overlooked actor that can dramatically change our world much more quickly, without confrontation with governmental agencies who want to protect their national currency systems.
It's about the legal system.
This is something that we usually do not notice, the "ether" that is imbued with our society and fundamental foundation of being. Over the past 2 thousand years in the sphere of law, there have been no significant technological innovation. Until now.
Confidence in facts.
Any real application of law begins with an event or action. Right off the bat, we are faced with the problem of proof that this event really happened. We are forced to leave traces in the real world, evidence for the future. We leave signatures, take photos, record audio and videos. In especially important moments, we are forced to involve a trusted intermediary - a government official, a notary or just a witness. Blockchain solves the problem of trust. Now we can safely entrust our facts to a distributed ledger – an immutable and tamperproof ledger that is faster, cheaper to use, and cryptographically secure. But how can an ordinary person use these opportunities in real life? How leverage the blockchain for this? How can you protect your rights in the event of a litigation?
So what can the blockchain give us?
Blockchain is designed to build a system of relationships that you can trust – without having to establish trust in the first place - enabling us to build on elements that do not have trust. This, precisely, is the same goal pursued by legal systems - to regulate relations in a society consisting of elements inherently unreliable - from people.
SilentNotary is the Answer.
SilentNotary uses almost all possible interfaces to integrate notarization services on the blockchain for all users. What could be easier than sending a picture to your virtual notary through your favorite messenger? Or specify the address of the blockchain-notary in the e-mail recipient list? For more complex operations, mobile applications for iOS and Android are available. All interfaces are integrated into a single account where your evidence is stored. In addition we are developing a wide range of legal solutions and creating a worldwide ecosystem of lawyers and experts ready to help our clients in the case of litigation.
We develop a wide range of user interfaces for maximum coverage of all possible use cases. Below are descriptions and examples of using some of them:
Phone call notarization: for sales, customer service, verbal agreements.
Telephone conversations can be vital in the business world. We are able to record conversations to ensure their integrity. But we can't ensure the time of the conversation and that the recording has not been modified. Blockchain notarization of voice recordings allows us to fix these problems. Simply launch the SilentNotary mobile app, record your call and upload the file for notarization.
Instant video notarization: for construction, delivery, in case of accidents
We are all afraid of accidents. Yet, they cannot be completely avoided. That's why we insure against material losses. It is necessary to describe, in detail, the state of the insurance object. In case of an insured event, all the details of the events that occurred are important. The consequences of the smallest omission - intended or not - can be catastrophic. With SilentNotary, you no longer need to trust the facts, because the fact is now trustless.
New Web Site Copyright Standard.
Creating a quality product is expensive. But anything published can be easily copied and when you need a real protection, it often turns out that you don't have any evidence. Now the results of your work are under reliable protection on an immutable technology, the blockchain. Just certify your content using your SilentNotary Account!
Just a few years ago, a solution was found for building a Trust Machine and blockchain became a fact. The first thing people began to write down using blockchain were financial transaction records, which everyone would trust, and thus Bitcoin was born.

We live in a world full of distrust. And in case of misfortune, we must prove that certain facts were in fact true.
We use blockchain technology for its intended purpose, to retain trust. Data about the events that occurred are recorded. There is no longer a need to prove anything, as blockchain solves the distrust problem.

Suddenly, we have a way to make the world better and our lives safer, with a global system of confirmation of events' existence!
Distributed ledger
We use a distributed ledger as a service to store our evidences immutable and timestamped. Distributed ledger technology is developing rapidly and we have a choice of platforms now with different features. Some of them more stable but more expensive, others are young but very fast and cheap. Some of them will lose their positions but new stars will arise. We are open for different platforms and provide our customers with a choice.
Our customers can choose more suitable platform for their specific cases.

The use of various platforms provides long-term stability and independence from a specific technical solution. But in order to avoid excessive dispersion of resources, as the main platform we will soon use our in-house platform, which is most suitable for legal services, such as SilentNotary. !

Blockchain is a sophisticated technology. Bridges are needed between the user and the technology. These bridges are user interfaces, which allow users to transfer data to the system about events recorded in any form – photos, videos, chats, audio recordings or documents.

Now, we have developed all the main interfaces possible.
Just choose the most convenient interface:

Mobile apps for iOS and Android
Messengers and chat bots for the most popular instant messengers: Telegram, Facebook, and WeChat
A web-based interface for uploading files
A mail bot to send data by e-mail
Legal solutions
In addition to programing, we developed ways to use our system to resolve disputes. A worldwide ecosystem of notaries, lawyers and experts will be created to provide our clients with a full range of legal services.

We do not expect special admission from the legislators. To use our services, we do not need the development of special laws. We use the standard way for the technical system - the development and use of technical and legal expertise for use in courts of different jurisdictions.

We are already ready to provide commercial services. When we move to our own platform, our capabilities will grow many times due to the built-in user authentication system and the built-in multi-signatures.
Time to talk business
We adapted our systems for both the B2B and B2C markets. Not only Fortune 500 companies need to protect their interests but consumers do as well. Therefore, we pay great attention to simplifying our user interfaces, and making them accessible to all.
Business to Business strategy
We will be targeting hundreds of thousands potential customers throughout the world in the following main verticals:
Music artists
Online media
Product designers
Businesses will be targeted throughout our extensive network of resellers.
Using a reseller strategy comes with great advantages
and a direct increase in our visibility and hence our sales.

Resellers will be offered a white-label notary toolset
and white-label promotion tools for re-branding.

Up to 30% of the sale will be granted to
the reseller making us a relevant revenue partner.
Everyone needs to record the existence of events.
Business to Consumer strategy
billion people own a smartphone.
Consumers will be reached throughout advertising on Facebook, Youtube, and other local media sources.

Offering free credits will lower the threshold and ease of adoption of SilentNotary.
Business model
Our business model is built on three main pillars
The B2B model for resellers is based on a license fee per year and an additional lower payment per certification;
The B2C model based on a higher pay per certification;
And an upsell of services based on the worldwide ecosystem of notaries and lawyers.
• Mobile app for iOS (beta)
• Mobile app for Android (beta)
• Telegram integration via notary bot
• FB Messenger integration via notary bot
• Slack integration via Slack app
• SilentNotary smart contract
• Personal account
• Web interface
• E-mail notarization services
• SilentNotary testnet release
• Testnet explorer
• Mainnet release
Q3 LINE integration
Q3 WeChat integration
Q3 Masternodes production
Q3 Migration to the mainnet
Q4 SilentNotary wallet
Q4 Swap SNTR ERC20 tokens
Founder & Head of Legal
Founder & Head of Finance
Maxim Breus
Aleksey Petrov
A strategist in business management, legal, risk analysis, and risk mitigation. Over 16 years of experience in the private- and public sector.
Has remarkable financial skills and over 15 years of experience in the Investment Banking sector with companies like State Street, VTB group, and Alfa-Bank.
Senior Sales Manager
Dmitrii Grafskii
Dmitrii has over 15 years of experience in sales and business development of IT projects and services with various software vendors and integrators, from startups to multinational corporations.

Legal Advisor
Blockchain Expert & Head of Development
Alexey Natarov
Roman Sukhach
Founder and Legal Advisor at Advancedstartup project with many years of experience in legal consulting, legal support, legislative regulation of Blockchain technologies and crowdfunding. He is also known to be part of the KICKICO team.
Our blockchain wizard started developing blockchain in 2007 and supervised MetroBtm, SolarDao, BitExpress, and PAYFAIR. He leads our expert team of in-house blockchain specialists.
Mobile Developer
Senior Blockchain Developer
Albert Alekseev
Sergei Mazov
Albert is a software engineer who has understanding of algorithms and data. He has developed an AR Android app from scratch, which boast 1.2 mn downloads currently.
Sergei is a strong developer and one of the most experienced blockchain experts on the team. He loves programing and has a passion for mathematical challenges.
Security Specialist
Maxim has more than 20 years of experience in information and network security.
Investment Consultant
Rufat Abiasov
Rufat has ten years of experience raising investment capital working with private and institutional investors and public companies in Russia, CIS, Europe and US. He took part in the IPO of companies such as Facebook, Yandex and several small-cap companies. Rufat has an extensive network of business contacts in the investment environment.
Community Manager
Chris Brennan
Chris made quite a name as a community manager in the crypto scene and he and his team (Sonny & Nikola) are managing our community in the best possible way.
Systems Architect
Kirill Varlamov
Encyclopedic knowledge, strict system thinking & unique experience are the best way to describe Kirill. Kirill's mission - the construction of a harmonious and efficient architecture of our platform.
Lead system programmer
Alexander Andreev
Efficiency and creativity, management experience, more then 10 years in programming. Alexander not only manages the development, but personally programs the most important components of our platform.
Nadezhda Kashirina
Nadezhda got over 10 years experience in public relations in various industries, such as technology, finance, startup and venture with companies like SAP, BDO, S&P and others.
Nikolai Smirnov
Project Manager
Nikolai has more then 5 years experience in Agile Project Management. He coordinates all development processes in our company, based on the Agile methodology.

Azat Buriev
Senior full-stack developer
More then 8 years of strong experience in .NET/JS development, excellent technical background, creativity and high performance. Due to his vast experience, Azat manages to find extremely effective solutions.
Denis Pogulyaev
Software developer
More then 17 years of experience and a strong mathematical background. Denis is developing important modules of our platform, such as blocks and Ethereum-like coinbase transactions.

- 2 years strong experience in backend Node.js
- ES6, SOA, TDD, Git, JSDoc, TCP/IP, encryption/hashing.
- Written English (enough for commenting code)
Node JS developer

- 3 years strong experience in backend Node.js
- ES6, SOA, TDD, Git, JSDoc, TCP/IP, encryption/hashing.
- Written English (enough for commenting code)
An additional advantage will be:
- * nix OS - multithreading + mutex
- Ability to read code on any of C ++, Go, Python - LevelDB / BerkleyDB - acquaintance with CryptoCurrency (utxo, consensus) - expierience in Scrum teams
Core developer

We use Chain-in-Law, a specialized platform for creating legal relationships, as the main platform for the operation of SilentNotary and for integrating SilentNotary with the other legaltech services.

SilentNotary is an integral element of this platform, connecting it to the real world through different interfaces that allows users to record legally significant events and actions.

The SilentNotary prototype is already integrated with the Chain-in-Law testnet: all user data records have been deployed to the testnet.
1. Technology
The platform is based on Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) technology as implement by Anatoly Churumov (Byteball) with a complete overhaul of the witness mechanism and several other components.

We solve the problem of consensus by analogy with Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT), while using the economic mechanism of sustainability: proof-of-stake (PoS). Masternodes (or validators, in terms of PoS systems) are Witnesses (in terms of Byteball DAG architecture). Witnesses certify the branches of the graph (transaction chains) creating a unified version of reality (i.e. the graph grows in one direction).

Virtual machine
Our platform allows users to create smart contracts. As a test solution, we use JavaScript as Turing complete language. In the future, we plan to use WebAssembly. WebAssembly (or WASM) is an effective low-level bytecode designed for execution in the browser. WASM is a portable, abstract, syntax tree that provides faster parsing and code execution compared to JavaScript.

In the current version we use TCP / IP as well as the Bitcoin network, but are also investigating the advantages of libp2p, developed by the IPFS team. libp2p is a modular and extensible networking stack which allows complex applications to use only those protocols that they absolutely need, without compromising compatibility and update capabilities.

As data storage for our graph we use Berkeley DB (BDB), a high-performance embedded database management system implemented as a library. BDB is a non-relational database - it stores key-value pairs as byte arrays and supports multiple values for one key. BDB can serve thousands of processes or threads that simultaneously manipulate 256 terabytes of databases, on a variety of hardware under various operating systems, including most UNIX-like systems and Windows, and on real-time operating systems. As INDEX we use almost the same solution that is used in Bitcoin, levelDB.

To minimize amount of sent and stored data we use Protocol Buffer serialization. Protocol Buffers is a flexible and efficient mechanism for serialization of structured data - similar to XML, but smaller, faster and easier.
Protocol buffers have many advantages over XML for serializing structured data:
● 3-10 times more compact;
● 20-100 times faster;
● More unambiguous;
● Allows the creation of classes.

Currently we use ECDSA cryptography with sha-256 hashing. In the near future we will use SHA-3 standard. SHA-3 is the latest member of the Secure Hash Algorithm family of standards and is a subset of the wider cryptographic family Keccak. Keccak is based on very effective sponge functions. The design of the sponge allows you to enter ("absorb") any amount of data and output ("compress") any amount of data, acting as a pseudo-random function for all previous input data.

2. Business logic
All witnesses are legally defined - they are a party to the contract with formally fixed rights and duties in relation to users of the system.
There are many ways to delegate assets to selected candidates for the creation of different versions of delegated PoS. Moreover, delegation is carried out legally, in accordance with the terms of the witness agreement.
It is allowed to form witness groups united by general public contracts for the implementation of any tasks within the framework of projects implemented on the platform.

3. Hardware
Node can be run both on user servers, on VPS, and on specially produced hardware masternodes. Hardware masternodes are dedicated, single-board, stand-alone servers with a pre-installed and partially synchronized network node. The main purpose is the removal of technical barriers and adoption by ordinary users (lawyers, notaries, officials).
The user is authorized with a USB key, connection - via LAN or WiFi.

4. Economy
Emission is produced simultaneously in the formation of a genesis unit.
The total amount of emission is 1e15 coins.
Mining is not available; the commission for transactions is determined by the selected group of witnesses and the established market balance as a result of the competition of certification centers (masternodes).
Prior to the formation of market mechanisms for regulating the value of coins, quasi-market value is being filled on the basis of an estimate of the ratio of capitalizations of projects included in the platform.
Based on preliminary calculations, the estimated exchange rate is about 2500 coins per one SNTR token. This coefficient is not constant and will change.
Owners of SNTR tokens can swap them for coins of a platform at will. It is also possible to reverse the swap before the circulation of coins on exchanges.

5. GitHub
Our github is publicly accessible and can be found here:

Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.