Whitepaper summary

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Just a few years ago, a solution was found for building a Trust Machine and blockchain became a fact. The first thing people began to write down using blockchain were financial transaction records, which everyone would trust, and thus Bitcoin was born.

We live in a world full of distrust. And in case of misfortune, we must prove that certain facts were in fact true.

We use blockchain technology for its intended purpose, to retain trust. Data about the events that occurred are recorded. There is no longer a need to prove anything, as blockchain solves the distrust problem.

Suddenly, we have a way to make the world better and our lives safer, with a global system of confirmation of events’ existence!


Blockchain is a sophisticated technology. Bridges are needed between the user and the technology. These bridges are user interfaces, which allow users to transfer data to the system about events recorded in any form – photos, videos, chats, audio recordings or documents.

Now, we have developed all the main interfaces possible. Just choose the most convenient interface:

In addition to programing, we developed ways to use our system to resolve disputes. A worldwide ecosystem of notaries, lawyers, and programmers will be created to solve our common task.

Time to talk business

We adapted our systems for both the B2B and B2C markets. Not only Fortune 500 companies need to protect their interests but consumers do as well. Therefore, we pay great attention to simplifying our user interfaces, and making them accessible to all.

Business to Business strategy

We will be targeting hundreds of thousands potential customers throughout the world in the following main verticals:

Everyone needs to record the existence of events.

Businesses will be targeted throughout our extensive network of resellers.
Using a reseller strategy comes with great advantages and a direct increase in our visibility and hence our sales.
Resellers will be offered a white-label notary toolset and white-label promotion tools for re-branding.
Up to 30% of the sale will be granted to the reseller making us a relevant revenue partner.

Business to Consumer strategy

2.32 billion people own a smartphone.
Consumers will be reached throughout advertising on Facebook, Youtube, and other local media sources.
Offering free credits will lower the threshold and ease of adoption of SilentNotary.

Business model

Our business model is built on three main pillars;

  1. The B2B model for resellers is based on a license fee per year and an additional lower payment per certification;
  2. The B2C model based on a higher pay per certification;
  3. And an upsell of services based on the worldwide ecosystem of notaries and lawyers.

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