Responsibility towards our customers is our primary focus.
Our team has put in great effort to ensure that we don’t just tell a great story but prove it as well.
Our products are available upon request and some are ready for production, while others are in the beta stage.

We have developed user interfaces on all popular platforms to attain a global reach.

Mobile apps for iOS & Android beta v.1.1

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This bot is simple to use. All you have to do is share a copy of the correspondence to the SilentNotary email address ( and your emails will automatically be certified and stored in the Notary Vault.

Chat-bot for Telegram

A chat-bot with the most comprehensive and flexible functionality. Just turn it on and get access to all its functions, including registering all communications and verifications.

Chat-bot for Facebook

This is the first chat-bot developed using all options provided by Facebook. It understands how to assure and preserve all the correspondence and attached files.
The product is developed to be functional in a multi-chat mode as well.

Chat-bot WeChat

China is an important and significant market. And hence, we believe that it is a must for SilentNotary to be active on this platform as well.
WeChat captures 30% of all mobile users in China and has an impressive 938 million active users per month. For these reasons, we decided to develop a chat-bot for the most popular instant messenger in China.

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Different versions of our product have been developed as we serve both the B2B and B2C markets;

Consumer account production v.1.3

We have developed and implemented a personal account that allows users to store, notarize documents, and pay for our services. The personal account is a Notary Vault which will grant access to all saved history, documents, correspondences and emails.

Business account beta v.0.4

Companies have specific requirements and demands when using our system. We took these into account in our version for corporate clients and ensured the distribution of access, separate data storage, corporate accounting, and integration with corporate document management systems. Most of these functions are already implemented and available, and the rest are in the final testing phase.

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