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We are working hard at expanding the list of exchanges for SNTR.
So we are really glad to announce that KuCoin has listed our token on...
SNTR is now listed on KuCoin
Money is constantly evolving, having gone from gold to paper money, to electronic payments, and now to cryptocurrencies. Each step...
Evolving obligations
Last Thursday, Nov 15 Silent Notary together with Cbonds Congress hosted a conference...
Silent Notary making waves on Cbonds Congress
Barely two weeks left to ring in 2019 and the infectious air of festivities is increasingly becoming harder to resist. But Silent Notary team is not donning...
SN and CiL November report
23 MAY 2019
17 APRIL 2019
10 JULY 2018
28 DEC 2018
For someone who has legal education and studies blockchain, many aspects of its application might seem...
Regulation of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain-based Activities
Silent Notary was one of the participants at the prestigious Russian Digital Week event in Moscow from December 10th to 14th.
Moscow Region Digital Week Report
28 DEC 2018
Dear friends! We are pleased to announce the next phase of SilentNotary's development based on brand new goals and objectives.
A new stage in the development
Our ecosystem is becoming bigger and bigger, so we have decided to collate all of the links to our websites/channels/groups/chats/topics
Follow the progress of our ecosystem!
26 SEP 2019
26 SEP 2019
28 DEC 2018
28 DEC 2018
SilentNotary & CiL Monthly Update β€” October 2018

October is the month in which the harvest is reaped. But also the month to celebrate Halloween. To enjoy a beer at Oktoberfest. Or… Dia de Muerte, for those with a more lurid side. October is a time of enjoyment and a time of partying;

At least, for most of us. Our team hasn't been in the mood of partying, instead they worked day and night on creating useful products;

This is what we reaped mid-autumn:

  • After working and finalizing workflows for our bot, we passed them to our development team. So from there on it's only one more step away from the final product.
  • The website has been remodeled in order to work with Angular 6; This means that you will be served a website that is more dynamic, interactive, stable, faster and easier to interact with.
  • One step away from releasing the personal account environment.

Personal Account UI Chain-In-Law

  • The DAG core that we have told you about before, has been tested and is now ready to go.
  • The SNTR to CiL swap; You've been all waiting for it and we were overwhelmed with questions about the swap.
    We are happy to share with you that we almost realized the swap part in the CiL wallet (called Wallet-in-Law). Once the swap is live, all you've got to do is send your SNTR to the wallet and press the Exchange button, a task that can be done even the morning after Oktoberfest (as long as you wake up in your own house).

The Wallet-in-Law interface
  • Transaction finality has been tested and verified. Now a transaction is really final if our system tells you so.
  • We fixed bugs in the MVP and have done a lot of groundwork.
  • We worked on the construction of the mathematical models which allows one to check the stability of the system, to test hypotheses and to ensure the stability of the output of new applications.
Our plans for November
  • We will be testing the synchronization of nodes.
  • Simplified Payment Verification for light node (wallet-only). We are almost ready to launch the network with functioning payments.
  • Our founders, Max Breus and Aleksey Petrov, will attend the "Cbonds Congress" event in Moscow, on the 15th of November; Here they will present the CiL platform in front of the attendees consisting of key businesses and government representatives.
This congress is not just another crypto-party (those are only attended by businesses from within the crypto community and don't give us the real life adoption we are so much looking for), instead it's a congress which is attended by top-notch companies from f.e. the legal, finance and government field;

Now that the SilentNotary products are being released and we are close to finalizing CiL, we are about to show our potential clients a shining new world full of possibilities. Possibilities and solutions that were hard to imagine in the pre-blockchain era.

Of course, there is more; Much more. But since we want to stay consistent towards our brand, we decided to keep silent. For now that is.

Keep following us and you will see the moment in which all of this groundwork will ripe into a fruit of awesomeness, true practical value and most importantly, real life adoption.