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Silent Notary was one of the participants at the prestigious Russian Digital Week event in Moscow from December 10th to 14th.
Moscow Region Digital Week Report
Barely two weeks left to ring in 2019 and the infectious air of festivities is increasingly becoming harder to resist. But Silent Notary team is not donning its Santa...
SN and CiL November report
Decentralized networks are considered to be a reliable medium for managing trust-sensitive information...
Byzantine buzz on chain.
Last Thursday, Nov 15 Silent Notary together with Cbonds Congress hosted a conference...
Silent Notary making waves on Cbonds Congress
28 DEC 2018
28 DEC 2018
10 JULY 2018
28 DEC 2018
Ongoing preparations for listing on major exchanges. This time SNTR token passed a security audition by chinese cybersecurity company SlowMist.
Another audit nailed by SNTR token
For someone who has legal education and studies blockchain, many aspects of its application might seem...
Regulation of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain-based Activities
28 DEC 2018
The world is changing. The rate of change accelerates as history progresses. For thousands of years the only way to craft anything..
SilentNotary platform.
Here is a nice TED video that explains what is the overall impact of
blockchain technology on the global society...
Middlemen market.
10 JULY 2018
10 JULY 2018
28 DEC 2018
10 JULY 2018
SN and CiL November report

Barely two weeks left to ring in 2019 and the infectious air of festivities is increasingly becoming harder to resist. But Silent Notary team is not donning its Santa hats yet as we continue to meet daily to work on improvements and deliverables before 2018's hospitality runs out and we all get turned out like old hats. To this end, we're pleased to announce the following milestone achievements.


Legal opinion about SNTR token was acquired from a reputable law firm with branches in the US and Ukraine, Brightman Law. SNTR token was examined from the frameworks of multiple jurisdictions for its asset legal type. Based on Brightman's findings and subsequent review, SNTR token was classified as a utility token. SNTR can now freely apply for listing on bigger exchange with none of the "Token Type" and "Legal Review" requirements that has hindered some of our best efforts. Expect to see SNTR on bigger exchanges in the nearest future.

SNTR team was recently hosted at the Cbonds conference in Moscow, presenting cryptoassets and blockchain adoption to some of the biggest industry players including Gazprom, Sberbank, Alfabank, GroupIB, and AddCapital. Speakers were drawn from major blockchain adopters in Russia and CIS, acknowledging the increasing demand scalable and flexible DLT systems. Coincidentally, "scalable and flexible DLT system" is a succinct description of the CiL platform, which was presented to critical acclaim at the conference.

SilentNotary development

November was a terrific month for Silent Notary development and we were able to drastically improve user account interface through the following features:

  • Files are shown in a table with default arrangement by upload date.
  • Files can be downloaded or modified or deleted from the same table.

  • Each document has detailed information provided — filename, transaction hash, ETH hash, CIL hash.
  • Each file can be given a specific name when uploaded.
  • Addition of a Group operation feature for downloading or deleting multiple files at once.

  • Improved mobile GUI.
Chain-in-Law development

Here we also got a massive boost through the integration of:

  • An advanced algorithm for transaction finality and parent chain selection. This feature is being developed in collaboration with a mathematical authority. Expect some interesting updates on GitHub.
  • Smart contracts design. The tedious selection of basic libraries is done and implementation is in progress. JavaScript developers will have a new shiny DLT to play with.
  • Stability updates for improved networking.
And now, on to December update, where our presence and presentation at Cyber Week is the best thing yet, this year. Hold on to 2018, we're not done yet…