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23 MAY 2019
17 APRIL 2019
10 JULY 2018
28 DEC 2018
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Silent Notary was one of the participants at the prestigious Russian Digital Week event in Moscow from December 10th to 14th.
Moscow Region Digital Week Report
28 DEC 2018
Dear friends! We are pleased to announce the next phase of SilentNotary's development based on brand new goals and objectives.
A new stage in the development
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26 SEP 2019
26 SEP 2019
28 DEC 2018
28 DEC 2018
Moscow Region Digital Week Report

Silent Notary was one of the participants at the prestigious Russian Digital Week event in Moscow from December 10th to 14th. Our team was on hand to showcase the groundbreaking developments of our Distributed Ledger Technology and it use cases to a gathering of industry leaders and top-level officials.

Before we continue, a quick side note about the nature of the event — to explain the scope of its importance — is necessary:

Like the United States, Russia is a federation with a higher degree of centralization. Moscow Region is one of the members of the federation and has its own government, administration, policies, and regional events to harmonise developments. Federation subjects also have their own federal committees for coordinating policies with each other. The Federal Committee for IT Cooperation is a subsidiary of the Russian Federal Ministry of Communications. It coordinates with the different stakeholders across the federation for uniform cell frequencies and internet connectivity.

Organized by the Moscow Region Administration and Coordination Committee of Governments for IT Cooperation, the Digital Week is a harmonising event organized by the government to explore the realm of IT and its applications. Geared towards modernization of infrastructure for agencies, authorities, and policy implementation, the event brought all stakeholders together for almost a week-long presentation of solutions to problems. SilentNotary's presentation on DLT technologies for Municipal governing was one such solution.

The following are the highlights of our participation at the event:

  • December 11: The project was presented to Andrew Vorobiev, the governor of the Moscow Administrative Region.

  • December 13: SilentNotary's CEO, Aleksey Petrov, showcased Chain-in-Law as a system well-suited for the public administration tasks through legally defined relationships. Later that day, Max Breus, co-founder of SilentNotary, presented CiL platform and SilentNotary interfaces for the Federation heads of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications, the Ministry of Public Administration, Information Technologies and Communications Moscow Region, the heads of all municipal districts of the Moscow Region and the technical specialists responsible for digital transformation. The presentation showcased CIL's flexibility and transparency in information management and accessibility for the dedicated witness groups which is essential for governing objectives. On the human interaction side, Chain-In-Law, interfaces are highly customisable, enabling users to retain the same procedures that they are accustomed to while increasing efficiency through automation and transparency.

  • December 14: SNTR team participated in an educational challenge. The project team collaborated with the students of FUGRF (Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation) in rapid prototyping of the blockchain based housing and communal services, trash recycling, and energy management. The results were well received by the committee of government officials.
2018 couldn't have ended on a more promising note for the SilentNotary team. The achievements and connections established at Russian Digital Weekis our highlight of the year. The team is now following up on contacts that are certain to herald the future we've all been envisioning.

Happy Holidays!