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We are working hard at expanding the list of exchanges for SNTR.
So we are really glad to announce that KuCoin has listed our token on...
SNTR is now listed on KuCoin
Money is constantly evolving, having gone from gold to paper money, to electronic payments, and now to cryptocurrencies. Each step...
Evolving obligations
Last Thursday, Nov 15 Silent Notary together with Cbonds Congress hosted a conference...
Silent Notary making waves on Cbonds Congress
Barely two weeks left to ring in 2019 and the infectious air of festivities is increasingly becoming harder to resist. But Silent Notary team is not donning...
SN and CiL November report
23 MAY 2019
17 APRIL 2019
10 JULY 2018
28 DEC 2018
For someone who has legal education and studies blockchain, many aspects of its application might seem...
Regulation of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain-based Activities
Silent Notary was one of the participants at the prestigious Russian Digital Week event in Moscow from December 10th to 14th.
Moscow Region Digital Week Report
28 DEC 2018
Dear friends! We are pleased to announce the next phase of SilentNotary's development based on brand new goals and objectives.
A new stage in the development
Our ecosystem is becoming bigger and bigger, so we have decided to collate all of the links to our websites/channels/groups/chats/topics
Follow the progress of our ecosystem!
26 SEP 2019
26 SEP 2019
28 DEC 2018
28 DEC 2018
SilentNotary platform.

The world is changing. The rate of change accelerates as history progresses. For thousands
of years the only way to craft anything was tedious manual labor. Then we harnessed the
power of coal into a steam engine and it changed the way we think of production forever.
Then the electricity did the same leap in multiple other areas. Then computers did the same
leap with information processing. Now distributed computer networks do the same with…

Bitcoin and thousands of other cryptocurrencies proved that we can trust a decentralized
computer network with value transactions. We are now in the middle of another startup
explosion that aims to answer the question "What else can we trust to a decentralized
computer network?". The ICO explosion proved we can pull this off with investments and
financial infrastructure. Silent Notary proves we can pull this off with fact checking.

So about this fact checking business… Our platform is basically a set of instruments with
convenient interfaces that allow you to create entries in a distributed registry and verifying
those entries with signatures of different entities who participate in the network. Thus you
can use it for common needs like doing legal paperwork online. Also you can use it in
completely new niches where legal paperwork would be economically unfeasible. Like
software license agreements or automation of warranty services.

This is a broad application scope. For an international platform it will require lots of entries.
And for the moment they are placed on Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum blockchain
processes roughly 15 transactions per second. Probably more after the recent Casper
update, but this number is still somewhere below 100. Also gas prices in the network rise
drastically if you need your transaction to be confirmed right now. All in all this looks like a
severe bottleneck on our way to making things better. Sounds like a good time to get
creative and do some smart stuff. So we did just that.

Silent Notary proudly announces own platform. A distributed ledger platform based on
ByteBall technology. Note that it is a distributed platform that uses directed acyclic graph
(DAG) instead of Blockchain.

Few short notes about our platform:
-It will have its own currency used to pay for transactions and legal services. You can
exchange it for your SNTR tokens.

-It will be faster cheaper to use then currently used Ethereum network. However you still will
be able to choose Ethereum if you want for whatever reason.

-It works faster and more reliable than any blockchain network that uses Byzantine
consensus protocol.

Upcoming nerdy longreads explaining how exactly we will distribute basic network nodes for
free among the major token owners. Details will be announced later.
Stay tuned. We have much more updates to share.